Dental Composite Fillings Treatment in Dubai

Dental Fillings in Dubai

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Dental Composite Fillings Treatment in Dubai

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a procedure used to restore the function and integrity of a tooth damaged by decay or trauma. It involves removing the affected part of the tooth and filling the cavity with a suitable material to prevent further decay and restore the tooth’s shape and function. This is a common service provided in General Dentistry in dubai to maintain optimal oral health.

Why Do You Need a Dental Filling?

When teeth suffer from decay or get damaged due to external factors, they can develop cavities. If left untreated, these cavities can grow, leading to severe toothache, infections, or even tooth loss. Dental fillings prevent the spread of decay and reinforce the tooth structure.

Types of Dental Fillings

At YAH Polyclinic, we offer a variety of filling materials tailored to meet individual preferences and requirements:

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

The lifespan of a dental filling depends on its material and your oral care habits. On average:

Maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can significantly extend the life of your fillings.

Strong Teeth, Bright Smile with Our Dental Fillings

Reinforce your teeth’s strength and preserve the brilliance of your smile. With our top-of-the-line dental fillings in Dubai, you’re not just getting a filling—you’re investing in your oral health’s future.

Procedure for Getting Dental Fillings

Consultation: Our dentist assesses the extent of decay and recommends the best filling type.
Tooth Preparation: The decayed part of the tooth is removed carefully.
Cleaning the Cavity: The cavity is then cleaned thoroughly to ensure no bacteria or debris remains.
Filling: The cavity is filled with the chosen material, ensuring a snug fit.
Polishing: The tooth is polished for a smooth finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While the procedure itself is generally painless due to local anesthesia, some patients may experience mild sensitivity or discomfort after the anesthesia wears off. This usually subsides within a few days.

Symptoms such as toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, visible holes or pits in your teeth, or pain when biting down can indicate a cavity. However, a dental examination is the surest way to determine the need for a filling.

Yes, if you opt for composite or porcelain fillings. These materials can be matched closely to the natural color of your teeth, providing a seamless appearance.

Most patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s advised to avoid eating or drinking until the anesthesia has completely worn off to prevent biting your cheek or tongue.

It’s recommended to avoid very hot or cold foods and beverages for a few days, especially if you have tooth sensitivity. Also, avoid chewing on hard or sticky foods directly on the filled tooth.

The cost varies depending on the filling material chosen and the complexity of the procedure. We recommend scheduling a consultation with us for a detailed cost breakdown tailored to your needs.